Office Procedures



Method in which to evaluate an abnormal pap smear/human papillomavirus.


The cervix and vagina are cleansed with vinegar. The cervix, vagina and vulva are inspected with the colposcope and, if indicated, small biopsies are performed. The entire visit takes no more than ½ hour. The patient will be asked to sign a consent form before the procedure.


There may be a little cramping during the procedure if a biopsy is done, therefore 4, 200 mg (800 mg total) Ibuprofen (Advil, etc.) may be taken 60 minutes before appointment. Also please make sure you are not menstruating the day of the procedure.
Xanax, 0.5 or 1 mg is offered in the office if needed for anxiety.


You may have some slight brown, clumpy discharge for up to 24 hours afterwards. A mini-pad is all that is needed. If a biopsy is done, then it is advised not to have sexual intercourse for 5 days afterwards in order to give the tissue time to heal. I will inform you of the results within 7 days.