My Journey on the HCG Diet

hcg-dietI was introduced to the HCG Diet by Dr. Enzenbacher. My first day of the diet was 6/1/2015 weighing 156 pounds. As a 55 post menopausal woman this weight was not unusual however for me at 5’3 1/2″ was not a comfortable weight or body image that was making me so depressed. For most of my life I had been an athletic toned healthy woman. However over the last two prior to starting the HCG I had suffered some set backs in my health which slowed me down and I gained a lot of weight.

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 Once I started this diet I was very concerned that I was not going to sutain the discipline and commitment that it would take to go the full 40 days. Each day I thought would be struggle however I was pleasantly surprised.

 I made a promise to myself that I would do what it takes and not deviate from the food that was allotted. I cooked all of my food in advance and every evening prepared my breakfast, lunches, sncaks and dinner. I did not go out to restaurants or go in the evening for over a month. I wanted to spare myself from any temptations. I am professional sales person which requires social events including breakfasts, lunches and cocktail parties. This was a hurdle I was able to overcome by eating my meals in advance and staying on schedule. I never allowed myself to get hungry so I was stuck to my schedule like clockwork. I ate my breakfast (fruit and melba toast) at 10:00 am. My lunch was each day at noon regardless of the events of the day. I ate my snack at 3:00 right on time and my dinner I always ate no later than 5:30 pm every night.

 As a result these were my successes:

 First week I lost 6 lbs

 Second week I lost 5 more lbs

Third week lost 5 lbs

 Fourth week lost only 3 lbs

 Fifth week lost only 2 lbs

 Sixth week I lost 3 lbs

 By the time I was done I had lost a total of 26 lbs and a ridiculous amount of inches all over my body.

 The benefits of this diet goes far beyond permanent weight loss. What it did for me was help believe in myself again. That even at 55 I could do something like this. I felt better all over I suffer from joint pain and I did not feel pain in my neck, wrists of neck. I slept comfortably at night. I had an abundance of energy and I could walk up a flight of stairs not feeling winded.

 It has now been 11 weeks since I took my last shot and I am still at the same weight even with incorporating many of the old foods I ate prior to the diet. The difference now is that I drink at least a gallon of water a day, I still only drink black coffee, I do not eat friend foods or processed foods. I may have eaten cheese or bread 3 times since I passed the maintenance phase. I do not drink but maybe a glass of wine very rarely. I do not use sugar. I love how I look and feel and when I do indulge I feel the effects immediately of eating poorly. I feel like a new woman and I would recommend this diet to anyone who is serious about permanent weight losss for life. It is not an easy road however it can be done if you are willing to change your mindset and how you view food. I have and I will continue this journey for the rest of my life.

link to: HGC DIET